Endorsements for Mirrors to Windows

“Mirrors to Windows will challenge you to move past your complacency into a life of faith and trusting the Lord in all things. Just as I had to search my heart to see if I was allowing fear to hinder the Lord’s work in my life, you, also, will be challenged to put fear aside to pursue whatever the Lord is calling you to do. As Katie Messer demonstrates, God is such a gentleman―so patient and kind, so loving―always working every detail of our lives for His glory and for our good. Take the brakes off, and trust God to begin something new and fresh in you.”
-Rhonda B. Mann, ministry leader, East Leesville Baptist Church, Leesville LA
“From the opening pages, you will curl up on the couch with Katie and engage in intimate conversation about life, love, and what it means to be complete in Christ.”
 -Marsha Harvell, author of The Covenant Maker and co-author of The Watchman on the Wall
“Katie Messer’s story gives words to the heart of our great King. Not only do we live in the power of His resurrection, but we are a part of the greatest love story ever told, both on Earth and in Heaven.”
-Susan Hanson, Youth With a Mission

"Mirrors to Windows is a refreshing read. Katie’s words clearly communicate her depth of intimacy with the Lord, which makes one long for an equally deep walk with the Lord. Ladies, young and old, will be reminded that the way we find ourselves and keep on doing so is through fellowship with the Lord, not in the world’s definition of beauty or success. Read about Katie’s personal journey, and be inspired to sit at the Lord’s feet."
 -EloClaire Odogbo, author of Learning to Learn 

"Katie Messer’s life is a beautiful testimony to the intimacy God wants to have with all of us. Her writing is transparent and at times very raw, allowing readers to feel they know her. I was blown away by the clarity with which she hears God and by her stories. An amazing, encouraging, inspiring, and God-glorifying read. I couldn't put it down."
- Erin Skazalski, wife and church staffer

"Mirrors to Windows is beautifully honest. The wisdom it contains is some I wish I had received as a teen. What a great, godly resource this is for girls everywhere trying to find their way in this big world." 
-Kimberlyn Remedies, mom; teacher; business owner of Loving Motherhood

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